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Have recent supply chain disruptions caused your company to lose position in the race? Supply chain disruption is not a new concept. Over the years, many companies have felt the effects of these disruptions, reevaluated their supply chain, and made necessary changes. However, the COVID-19 pandemic created a type of disruption many have never seen before. 

As a result, companies across the globe will be looking for a new approach to manage their supply chain risk and build resiliency. How do you get back on track and create a resilient, future-proof supply chain? We gathered some tips from industry experts.

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Adding NiroWell to your supplier portfolio will bring you one step closer to a more resilient supply chain. We offer both US and UK-based supplier options, and have several world-class products to choose from with organic and non-GMO options available. NiroWell has the agility, flexibility, and vitality of a start-up company, paired with industry expertise and resources through our parent company DDW Inc.


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